Fully integrated range of turnkey services

ESSENTIEL specializes in developing innovative, technology-driven products and services that not only align with user needs and your brand’s core values but also drive market competitiveness and superior customer satisfaction.

Leveraging a diverse and international network of experts, we guide clients from the conceptualization of user-centric designs to the execution of global sourcing and marketing strategies.

Our expertise spans industrial design, engineering, sourcing, and marketing, tailored for technology-oriented firms worldwide.

Our mission is to deliver products and systems that are cutting edge yet pragmatic, embodying the principle of creating solutions that are "good enough to delight the customer."

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Mission - turning ideas into value


ESSENTIELL / ESSENTIAL / ESSENTIEL - Any magical power or process of transforming a common idea, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. The shift in consciounsness that returns one from the non-physical to the physical.

Who are we?

ESSENTIEL is a team of independent experts with an extensive portfolio of competencies. We provide a fully integrated range of turnkey services: From industrial design, mechanical electronic and acoustic engineering to fully-fledged management of product development processes - from the seed of an idea to delivery of a manufactured product to OEM distributors.

Who are our clients?

Due to increasing demands and increasingly complex markets, customers today are looking for "system solutions" from a single source. ESSENTIEL offers extensive, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries and technologies. This enables us to offer services for complex projects, to complement our customers' existing resources and to cover temporary needs. This applies to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals.

What do our clients value?

Innovation and efficiency: ESSENTIEL's extensive industry and technological experience allows us to approach customer goals and challenges with a level of inspiration that moves beyond traditional paths.

What does our company stand for?

THE BRAND - It is 'ESSENTIEL' to inspire both our clients and their customers - through dedicated execution of the product development process and exceptional designs.

INTUITIVE AND RELIABLE DESIGNS - We believe in the power of a perfectly intuitive Human to Machine Interface - our product development designs make sense to the end user right out of the box and require a minimum learning curve to master.

SINGLE-STOP SOLUTIONS - We facilitate our client's objectives by bringing all necessary capabilites to the project. The client is less burdened as a result of streamlined communications and process management.

What makes our company unique?

FLEXIBILITY AND EFFICIENCY - ESSENTIEL's team grows and contracts based on project requirements and milestones. Overhead is consequently minimized, resulting in significant cost savings over the life of a project.

What We've done so far


We would like to point out that, due to confidentiality agreements and contracts, we are unable to showcase specific projects, solutions, and associated technologies on the ESSENTIEL website.

Multifactor Authentication
HoloLAB - Holographic Laboratory
HyperMark - Holographic Signature
HUMETRX - Voice Biometric
Project BailaMe
Multitouch Media Controller
Project MAD Asterisk
Infinite Restore
Project isiQiri Q-Frame
Multitouch Controller
Powered Smartcard
Powered Smartcard
Project Maylab
Analytical Instruments
Project Avid System 6
Avid S6
Modular audio mixing controller
Project Pentagon Speakers
Speaker System
Project Thiiink
Flettner Rotor
Project Supercharger
Charging Station
ACDC supercharger
Project Tholos
Communication System
Project Streamline Speakers
Speaker System
Project Avid MC Control & MC Transport
Artist Series
Audio Video Controller
Project Avid MC Mix
Artist Series
Audio Video Controller
Innovtion process
Turning ideas into value
Sourcing & Benchmarking
Sourcing and benchmarking
Prototyping & tools for hardware, software and electronic
Prototyping and Tools
Hardware, Electronic, Software
Product Creation and Lifecycle
Product Creation and Lifecycle
Service and Product development
Automotive - Smart Wheel Sensor
Automotive - Smart Wheel Sensor
Wireless Car Sensor
What we can do for you


These categories showcase ESSENTIEL's comprehensive range of services, highlighting the company's commitment to innovative design, user-centric approach, robust engineering and strategic market positioning.

Design and Product Development

  • Industrial and Mechanical Design: Focusing on aesthetics and functionality, integrating advanced electronics for enhanced product capabilities.
  • Engineering and Design Verification: Rigorous engineering and testing to ensure products meet technical and industry standards.
  • Prototyping: Creating prototypes with sophisticated electronics for concept testing and refinement.

User Experience and Digital Interface

  • Human-Machine Interface: Crafting user-friendly interfaces for seamless interaction
    between users and technology-driven products.
  • Software & Firmware Development: Developing robust software and firmware, including cloud services and data processing, for comprehensive functionality and optimal
    user experience.

Supply Chain and Smart Manufacturing

  • Sourcing & Electronics Procurement: Procuring high-quality electronic components and materials from reliable sources.
  • Process Verification and Production Ramp-Up: Implementing efficient manufacturing processes, including the integration of electronic components, from initial prototyping to full-scale production.

Marketing and Data-Driven Market Insights

  • Marketing Concepts: Crafting tailored marketing strategies for target audiences.
  • Market Studies & Technology Trends: Conducting market research with a focus on technological advancements to inform product development and market positioning.

Project Coordination and Technology Integration

  • Project Management: Overseeing all aspects of a project to ensure timely and successful completion.
  • System Design Focus: Skillfully managing projects to harmonize system design and
    software architecture, advanced signal processing and smart network integration to achieve coherent and innovative products and system solutions

Strategic Consultation and Intellectual Property Management

  • Intellectual Property Protection: Advising on the development and management of
    intellectual property rights to safeguard innovations and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Digital Tech in Business Strategy: Advising on the integration of digital technologies for enhanced business growth and market positioning.
Design Entrepreneur

Ernst Stöttinger

Ernst Stöttinger, formerly a Vice President at a globally operating multinational corporation, has spent almost two decades cultivating his own business venture. His extensive background in managing Research and Development projects on an international level has provided him with a deep understanding of technology and project management. This expertise has been instrumental in his entrepreneurial endeavors, where he combines the rigor of corporate structure with the agility of a startup environment. A comprehensive portfolio of his clients and projects is accessible at: www.essentiel.com.

Ernst is an advocate for the superiority of flexible networks over traditional corporate hierarchies. He believes that assembling a diverse group of domain experts fosters exponential knowledge growth and enduring success. This philosophy has guided his approach in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.

In his business endeavors, Ernst excels at merging his extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies with a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. This synergy allows him to innovate and develop systems and products that are not only novel but also precisely tailored to address customer requirements. Central to his philosophy is the concept of creating solutions that are "good enough to delight the customer," focusing on delivering value that exceeds expectations while striking a balance between innovation and practicality. This approach ensures that each product or system is both technologically advanced and closely aligned with customer satisfaction.

Portrait photo of Ernst Stöttinger